PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa Is Agent Of FREUDENBERG

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies is a global solution provider for innovative seal solutions and differentiated seal products for the global oil and gas industry.

PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa have officially become an agent since 2017. Until now we are able to meet customer needs, currently the newest product that we can present to customers is FOGT Ultra Annular (High Temperature BOP).

We offer free of charge for process measurement redress kit seal per equipment (Exclude mob de mob). Our products include in approve manufacture list & already have serial number from pertamina system. We have process redress seal kit more than 100 types of equipments in various brand actuator value & pressure safety value in PHM area. PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa is agent Freudenberg in Indonesia…visit Freudenberg