PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa is dedicated to the conduct of its business and operations in accordance with the highest standards and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Additionally, the senior management team remains focused on maintaining this high level of integrity and loyalty in the conduct of the business.

The senior management team is formed by two key people:

Mr. Aquinas has over 33 years of experience in electrical engineering and has worked in various fields including research, development and project management. Prior to this, Mr. Aquinas, gained experience abroad in the fields of power-, control-, electronics- and computer engineering up to the level of project management.

With the extensive in electrical engineering and overall management, Mr. Aquinas, holds a position in the Board of Directors and provides guidance, direction and make decisions for PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa to help further the organizations goals.

Mr. Santoso is a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering and brings with him 22 years of experience in project development, project management, overall business development, finance, general management and regulatory issues. Mr. Santoso has held positions as principal engineer, leading engineer, project engineer and project manager in work for the Oil, Gas And (Petro) chemical industries.

Mr. Santoso provides executive guidance to all activities and operations of PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa on behalf of its shareholdes. His extensive knowledge sets the direction for PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa in achieving its business objectives and serving the needs of all stakeholders involved.