PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa integrates over 40 years of combined experience, not just on the field service end of the business, but in front line supervision, but managing the industrial pumps and valves operation in a broad spectrum of fields, including water supply and sewage infrastructures, and in the agriculture, fishery, steel, petrochemical and energy industries. We work with an extensive range of critical pump and valve equipment in a wide variety of applications, diverse models, configurations and structures available, all PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa’s pumps and valves are designed for different purposes and applications.

With a team of diversely skilled engineers, PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa provides a quality pump and system build service from concept design through to final assembly. We have extensive experience in building small pumps to complex packages incorporating pumps, valves, instruments, pipework assemblies and supply electrical design and installation for system control, and our in–house testing facility will ensure the finished package is fit for its purpose.

Our shop capabilities encompass a wide variety of repairs, restorations and refurbishments for a complete range of industrial pump and valve system equipment. Also offered is an around-the-clock emergency response, dependable scheduling, and comprehensive inspections and report-to help you manage your maintenance requirements as efficiently as possible.

PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa can and will get the job done right! The first time! Every time!